Data Viz Workshop

I spent fifteen minutes progressing through different stages of a data visualization workshop where I tried to create something that looked like data out of just shape, line, or color. Then I tried to create density. I examined my progress and noticed I had not ever altered the axis. I focused on this and creating more complex data patterns.

Finally I changed materials and experimented with paint.

I thought about what drawings were most visually interesting or seemed to speak to my speech and debate topics.

Another big takeaway from this process was that I should think about my data visualizations like how I was taught to construct a literary textual analysis paragraph in middle/high school (CQE or context, quote, explanation.) If the main takeaway from the data is the quote, then my design should get at the explanation of this main idea, and not just the context or restating the main idea.

Scan Feb 19, 2019_Page_4.png
Scan Feb 19, 2019_Page_2.png
Scan Feb 19, 2019_Page_1.png
Scan Feb 19, 2019_Page_6.png