Mood Boards and Book Form

In my presentation I talked about Giogia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec, and Mona Chalabi as my data visualization inspirations. This past weekend, I wanted to visually look beyond them as a way to further my visual language exploration. I knew what I liked and disliked about each of the three female artists:

  • Chalabi’s use of collage and materials

  • Lupi’s patters

  • Posavec’s simplistic shapes

  • All three’s use of handwriting and bright colors

I know I do not have the same large amount of text content as my classmates. This gives me the freedom to look at accordion, gable, and other fold out book forms that are not as capable with longer books. These forms that extend the page and encourage viewer engagement also support the function of my data visualization book.


Mona Chalabi

Giogia Lupi


Stefanie Posavec

Early mood boards for data visualization visual language and methods

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.03.13 PM.png

Organization options based on outline sections


I will be moving forward with a gabled book design for the time being. this could possibly change to an accordion or fold out book, or even posters with a book.