Midtown Alley

branding & design | summer 2017 — 2018 

Since I began interning at TOKY Branding & Design, Midtown Alley has been my primary project. Midtown Alley is the neighborhood in which TOKY is located, and the owners have spent the last decade growing the area into a hub of creative agencies, startups, and restaurants.

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When I began the project, the businesses featured on the Midtown Alley website were not up to date and the site existed on expressionengine. The first decision I made was to switch the website platform to Squarespace so that it would be easier for anyone in the office to keep the site up to date. From there I used the existing Midtown Alley brand logo, typefaces, and colors, and “Live” “Work” “Play” organization to design a new site.

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Besides the out of date website, the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts had less than fifty followers in total between them in June 2017. I began daily diligence with the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by liking, retweeting, and engaging with businesses in Midtown Alley. This also included crafting regular posts, and when I did not have photos from recent or upcoming events I created content sources like participating in holidays like #NationalPizzaDay with a lunch time story at a Midtown Alley pizza spot or playing off of the fact that Midtown Alley is branded as St. Louis’s Creative District and I used the popular weekly posting trend #TypeTuesday to showcase different signage, hand lettering, and other typographic occurrences around the neighborhood.


I curated the Midtown Alley calendar with weekly and special events hosted by neighborhood businesses. Leading up to the events I would promote them on Midtown Alley’s social media and during I would post Instagram stories and take photos. After special events I would write a blog post. Blog posts also served as a way drive viewers from Instagram to the website.


I initially faced a lack of usable photos when I was working to grow the Instagram. I utilized user generated content from businesses in the neighborhood, until events happened where I could take photos of people enjoying the neighborhood. My retweeting, reposting, and engagement with the local businesses helped Midtown Alley gain more followers and helped market the businesses.

I also used Pinterest to post photos and link to the Midtown Alley website and Instagram.

I also used Pinterest to post photos and link to the Midtown Alley website and Instagram.