Political Editorial Illustrations 

Fall 2016 and summer 2018

My second degree in economics came to be because of interest in politics. I enjoyed an editorial metaphor assignment in my Pictures for Communication studio in Fall 2016 I have started creating editorial illustrations for the Washington University in St. Louis Political Review (WUPR) and currently I am designing and bringing letterpress posters about the gun control debate in my Printing for Propaganda studio.


For the D.C statehood illustration, the most difficult part of the process was not the initial idea development, but deciding where on the flag to place the 51st star. I decided when the star was at the top or bottom of the new column, it drew too much attention to the empty space and had a negative connotation. The final center placement looked more purposeful and positive.


Washington D.C Statehood Metaphorical Image


After I enjoyed staging the photoshoot for my Death of a Salesman book jacket, I revised the process for some of my illustrations for the Washington University in St. Louis Political Review. With a box of bomb pops I took on the issue political polarization, and used graham crackers to show how the same issue can be broken down in numerous different ways.

Print 0694 2019-02-07_1.png
Magazine 0006 2019-02-07.png
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Washington University Political Review September and October issue illustrations